Know What are Piles and Its Types


Piles are veins in anus which become enlarged and swell. In the beginning they remain painless and can only bleed occasionally but if not taking care, they become painful and itchy.
Symptoms Of Enlarged Piles

The symptoms of Enlarged Piles are as under-

Itching in Anus,

Discharge Of Mucus,

Burning and itching in anus,

Pain that may be severe,

Feeling of that the bowels are not fully empty

Painless bleeding at the time of stool pass.

Rectum is the end point of large intestine before it meet with the anus and anus is the last point of digestive system from where we pass the stool. Basically piles are of mainly two types.
Internal Piles
External piles

Internal Piles: They are found inside of the rectum. Normally they are not painful at all but bleeds at the time of bowel movement. They can only be felt when they become swell and enlarged.

When they become too big they tends to come outside of the anus. In that case you can see and feel them. This kind of prolapsed piles are really painful and uncomfortable. In second stage they go back inside the anus, on their own but in third stage you need to push them inside with the help of your fingers or some other thing.

External hemorrhoids: They are found outside, at the opening of anus and much lower than internal ones. They may be uncomfortable, painful, itchy and bleed also.

In some cases a clot of blood form in external piles which has been prolapsed. This condition is very very painful and also called as thrombosis. They may not be very serious but very painful. Usually they got cure own their own in two-three weeks. In case the pain become unbearable the doctor can operate on the blood clot to remove it which ultimately gives relief in pain.

Piles disease is as old as human history. It is giving pain and uneasiness from the ancient times to mankind. The origin of the word ‘Hemorrhoids’ is a Greek word ‘haimorrhoides’, which means blood discharging veins. This disease is very common worldwide and according to a study, out of every four persons, one is having hemorrhoids at some point of his age. It is said that Napoleon the great, was also suffering with piles and it played a major role in his defeat in Waterloo.

In this particular post I will share some important links that will help you out knowing, what are the reasons for piles pain, how they look and feel and what are the ways to diagnose them. You will also find some home and hospital treatment, natural piles medicines and pros and cons of each treatment of piles.

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